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Capturing Fleeting Memories with your Children

Reading and Story Generation with your child using Artificial Intelligence

Voyage of Discovery with Rapidly Evolving AI

We extend an offer to join our Voyage of Discovery. Like Columbus, we are unsure of our destination and what awaits us upon arrival. Our objective is to use technology for good. How so? We wish to use creative storytelling and books to develop pre and early readers through story generation.

Story Generation through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The three essential components for children are 1) Books, 2) Dedicated Time, and 3) Focused Interaction. The following 6 minute video introduces our concept.

Voyage of Discovery Video. How you can participate

Here we focus on Storytelling with my grandson Jackson: Creating stories with Jackson, a pre-reader. What is critical here is the attention and time invested in the child.

Fearless Princess Hazel demonstrates the current power of AI to generate stories given a users input on characters, plot, and action.

If interested in taking this journey with us please provide contact details: Contact Us with a detailed message.


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