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Capturing Fleeting Memories with your Children

Reading and Story Generation with your child using Artificial Intelligence

Creating Enduring Memories with Children

If your interest is piqued from our multi-generation stories here is some additional information. We initiated to encourage focused parent interaction with children. We consider storytelling as an entry point to books for pre and early readers. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically, Deep Learning, for Story Generation. An example is Fearless Princess Hazel.

Our Offer

You and your child provide the characters, the setting, the action, the challenges, and motivations. The more detail, the more fun. AI then generates a story and prompts for additional detail or modifications. It’s all about the process, working with your child and modifying the AI generated story in several iterations. We encourage you to create a story with your child at this link: Story Generation. Here is an example of our work with my granddaughter Hazel: Fearless Princess Hazel. You must Register to create an account to access Story Generation. The first month is free, after that the subscription to cover the AI compute power is $30 per year.

Our Video Service

We are offering Jack’s expertise for video shoots at your home or vacation place to capture the third generation — your grandchildren. Here we capture grandson Jackson, a pre-reader, on video creating stories. The unexpected dividend of our shoot were the amazing outtakes of Jackson doing unexpected things: Creating stories with Jackson, a pre-reader. Most importantly we seemed to have captured a ‘slice of time’ to be treasured forever. How many opportunities in life do we have to do this? I believe the preceding clips demonstrates the precious capture of memories. The posts below are some links to our efforts with pre-readers:

  1. Jackson Story Generation
  2. Story Generation is Hard
  3. Artificial Shakespeare
  4. Climbing the pyramid {shapes, numbers, letters, drawing} towards creative storytelling, {We are working on this content // can you help?}

Here is how it would work with your family. An introductory session determining

  1. Do you have family history to share?
  2. What do you recollect from childhood?
  3. What ‘props’ will best elicit child participation?
  4. Schedule / Execute / Deliver

Contact Us for details and pricing. We are currently in beta in the Phoenix area.

What startled us were the unexpected moments we captured. The are 6 unexpected moments at the bottom of this Post: Jackson Story Generation

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